Putting great audio stories on the map

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Radio Stories

Public radio stations have broadcast wonderful stories about special places for years. Showing either recent or archived stories on a map makes them available to whole new audiences.

Podcast Episodes

Like radio, many podcasts have episodes that tell a story about a place. With MapCast those episodes can be featured and easily found on a map.

Add Your Stories

People from radio, podcasting and other sources are adding their stories to MapCast. It's free for qualifying stories. Click 'Add' above to submit yours.

About MapCast

Great audio stories are all around

About one-third of Internet searches are related to a place.  So wouldn’t it be great to look at a map, whether you’re home or traveling, and find intriguing, high quality audio stories. Image California State Railroad Museum

The Amanda Trail

Here’s an example radio story…KLCC published a timeless piece on the Amanda Trail, about Indian relocation in Oregon. Thousands of people drive by that place daily without knowing it’s there.  

With a pin on the MapCast Google map at that location, it’s easy to find and hear. Image KLCC

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